Soluna Themes
by Mandi


▶I've made this theme and all my themes with Nancy's basecode. (Unless stated otherwise.)
▶Do not claim my themes as yours. If you do, I will block and report you. I also prefer for you to not reblog my theme posts.
▶I prefer for you to keep the credit as it is. If you do remove credit, please put it in your FAQ, Credits page, or something. But I would prefer that you keep the credit as it is.
▶You may edit themes up to your liking. But if you want to publish as an edited theme, please give me a live preview of your edited theme and I will either approve or not.
▶Like the post of a theme so I can know if you A) Like it B) Want to use it C) Are using it! :)


▶Started blog on 9/29/13